COVID-19 Impact On the NMVG Update: Thursday 4th June 2020


I Hope you are all keeping safe and well.

We are now starting to come out of lock down allowing levels of social gathering, although we have some way to go yet. There is however a glimmer at the end of the tunnel regarding the possibility of events, so keep an eye on our Facebook pages and Website for updates.


On a positive note your Committee have agreed that for ALL members who have paid their 2020 subscriptions by JULY there will be no further payment due until January 2022. Just in case you can’t remember the Secretary will be contacting those outstanding, thus giving the option of paying prior to the closure date.


As promised the June edition of our COVID-19 Newsletter will be published around the end of next week. However, remember this will only be produced as an electronic version so it is important that you have direct access to the ‘Members Portal’ area of our website. We are conscious this will not reach every member but if you have an internet address it is certainly possible and if you know of someone that doesn’t, perhaps you can print them off a copy.


The Secretary has a message update for the website:

A big thank you to all that have provided their email addresses when renewing membership.


  • If you have an email address and have not yet tried to obtain access to the Members only portal please click on ‘Members Log In’ in the top right corner of this page and click on ‘Sign Up’, enter your email and a password you would like to use to log in with and you will receive a confirmation email to enable access.

  • Some members have started the process of gaining access to the website but have not replied to the ‘access confirmation email’. If this is the case you will be sent a reminder email to complete the process (please also check your spam folder).

  • For those of you who have tried but been unsuccessful in gaining access to the members only portal, please go to to the ‘Contact’ page, fill out the details requested and you will be contacted.

  • Once you have signed in a couple of times and become familiar with the layout it becomes less daunting.


When the newsletter has been published onto the website you will be sent an email to let you know the latest newsletter is available to view and download. For historic reference the previous newsletters will be kept available within the NMVG website members portal.


Members only information such as Newsletters, Group Public Liability Insurance, Rally Lists etc. can only be accessed via the website using your unique personal log and password.

If you have any suggestions of what you might like to be available in the members portal please let me know and we will see what can be done.


Although Facebook is a useful social media outlet for the NMVG, with it we reach a far and much-needed audience, we must be mindful that our Facebook pages are open to the public and no sensitive members only information should be discussed or uploaded to it.


Thank you for helping the group save time, money and move forward into this new age and again,



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