A MESSAGE FROM OUR PRESIDENT - Thank you for your email and for the excellent newsletter online. I am very glad to hear that all NMVG members are well and that no one has succumbed to the virus. 

It has been so frustrating for everyone to be locked down and for NMVG members to have missed so many historic commemorations - hopefully more normal times will return soon. 

On previous plans, a large marquee was due to be erected in our garden today ready for four charity events including the Veterans Norfolk VE Day reception.  Oh well, another year perhaps. 

Thank you again for keeping me up to speed and best wishes for the immediate future.


COVID - ‘INDEPENDENCE DAY’ - Deemed so by some as we are slowly moving forward and this weekend will see the next phase of the country opening up, with pubs, restaurants and the vital hairdressers for some, being allowed to open. However it will not be the scene we left when entering lockdown and there is a way to go yet before we can anticipate returning to life as we knew it. Restrictions have also eased with reference to public spaces and family and friends social gatherings, but all remain limited and the requirement for social distancing where possible. Likewise schools, including Easton College, will not open until September and I very much doubt meeting rooms will be available. Regarding the formal reintroduction of large gatherings or organised events don’t get too excited but keep an eye on our Facebook pages and Website for updates from our Rally Secretaries, who knows!


MEMBERSHIP, HAVE YOU TAKEN ADVANTAGE – In a bid to ease financial strain, and recognising advantages of membership for this year are limited, the Committee introduced a ‘buy one get one free offer’ on membership. For those that have not yet paid their 2020 subscription you only have to the end of the month to pay. ALL THAT HAVE PAID THEIR DUES BY THIS DATE HAVE FREE MEMBERSHIP FOR 2021. Remember no membership, no Public Liability Insurance, IF the opportunity should arise for Group attendance at events.


ONLINE NEWSLETTER – Did you manage to gain access to your personal copy of the June Newsletter in the ’Members Log In’ area of our webpage?  According to our membership records at the time of issue we had some 85% of members with known email addresses. Also the Secretary was still working to contact those that had possibly neglected to submit one. Electronic format will be the way forward, even when we return to what may be a new normal. At this time we obviously will attempt to ensure paper copies are available for those not in the electronic age but for the time being if you know of anyone in this situation, please print them off a copy.

For those of you who may not have tried, or have been unsuccessful, in gaining access to the members only portal, please go to click on ‘Contact’, fill out the details requested and you will be contacted. Once you have signed in a couple of times and become familiar with the layout it becomes less daunting.


As indicated at the start of lockdown I promised to produce a June edition of our COVID-19 Newsletter and will also produce a September issue, providing I get the support of the membership. HOWEVER this is purely an emergency situation and we would have been seeking a volunteer/s to take over the Editor’s position at our April meeting, so don’t be shy, or there may be no more! It’s your Newsletter, not mine, so need some articles and photos please.



Well that’s all in this update, so observe the rules however confusing, and see you on the other side.


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