COVID-19 Impact On the NMVG Update:


Unfortunately for the foreseeable future our meeting and rally activities are postponed or cancelled and we are all now in a period of restricted social contact or isolation, and the message is obviously ' stay safe'.


However for those in the lower levels of risk and still active please think of member's and friends that you know that may be more vulnerable and that you could possibly offer help or assistance to, or even just give them a phone call.


Given what is happening around us at the moment both Liz and myself feel we should advise members as soon as possible rather than waiting until nearer the time as there will be no 'short term' fix.


After consulting with the Vice Chairperson we have taken the decision to cancel our April meeting. This is based on a number of factors, not least today’s Government guidance (17-03-2020) on social gatherings and contact plus the possibility we may not even have a venue to attend in several week’s time.


The health and safety of us all is the prime concern and as such we must consider our normal attendance that has a high percentage of those in the 'at risk' group. In addition, guidance on large gatherings and personal contact may influence others venturing out.


We will continue to monitor the situation through April with regard to the May meeting and advise members via our Facebook pages and Website accordingly, but please pass on this information to other members known to you.


Likewise with planned events we will attempt to keep members advised as we receive information from organisers'.


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