By now I anticipate a vast percentage of the membership have had, or are planning to complete, their vaccinations. Thankfully, it also appears the better weather has returned, and hopefully will now remain with us through the summer.  With the relaxation on both travel and hospitality we are also seeing the return of small group road-runs, and even the opportunity to attend a limited number of smaller organised events or local activities.


Government ‘Road Map’ – We are now well on the way to the 21st.June and hopefully a return to a more relaxed introduction of the ‘new normal’.  However, with various new variants, and other factors, we unfortunately still don’t know what ‘curved balls’ may still threaten to slow things down, although all we can do is continue to follow the rules.

Rally News – We now have a Rally Programme, with a selection of events on offer from July onwards.  Please however keep an eye on our Website and Facebook pages for further additions, or updates, as potentially there still remains the risk of late changes.

Meeting News – There is some Meeting News, although not totally positive for the near future.  Easton College are operating indoor classes within the current guidelines, which means smaller class sizes and utilisation of all the rooms they have available. They also anticipate classes will continue through what is normally the summer recess, in order for students to catch up, so with the more rigorous cleaning regime they do not anticipate any real change for our return before September the earliest.

Group News – The last edition of the Newsletter from your ‘Covid Editor’ will shortly be available in the ‘Members Only’ area of our website.  I understand the majority of the membership are now in a position to access this area although with very limited feedback it has been difficult to determine true circulation numbers.  I am afraid there may now be a lapse as it is now down to you, in conjunction with the Committee, to determine a way ahead.  However if you are reading this PLEASE remember to print off a copy for a member you know does not have access.  

With the potential of no Group Newsletter for some time I will continue with the ‘Covid Updates’, on both our website and Facebook pages, to keep the membership informed as much as possible with regard to Group news and information.